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  • Part XI Admission Procedures

    • 431

      A sponsor may consult the Exchange to resolve specific issues prior to the submission of a listing confirmation. Unless the Exchange prescribes otherwise, the listing applicant must comply with the requirements set out in Appendix 4F which sets out the following:

      (1) The main steps in the listing process.
      (2) Documents to be submitted by the sponsor to the Exchange.
      (3) The usual timeline for admission.

      The sponsor must give the Exchange any additional information or documents which the Exchange requires, either in the particular case or generally.

      Refer to Appendix 4F — Steps in the Initial Public Offering/Very Substantial Acquisition/Reverse Takeover Process.

      Amended on 31 January 200831 January 2008.

    • 432

      In normal circumstances the Exchange will rely on the listing confirmation in Appendix 4B. However, the Exchange may refuse or delay an admission at any point prior to listing, notwithstanding that it receives a listing confirmation and notwithstanding that the offer document has been registered by the Exchange, if:

      (1) in the Exchange's opinion:
      (a) the reputation of the Exchange or the integrity of the market may be adversely affected;
      (b) doubt exists, or apparently sustainable allegations are made, as to the integrity of a director, executive officer or controlling shareholder of the listing applicant;
      (c) doubt exists as to the accuracy or completeness of the information in the offer document. While the Exchange does not review these documents, it may undertake sample perusal or receive information from third persons;
      (d) any submission or lodgement that is required under the Rules is inaccurate or incomplete;
      (e) the Rules are not complied with;
      (f) it is in the interests of the public to refuse or delay the admission; or
      (2) the Authority advises the Exchange to refuse or delay the admission.

      Amended on 31 January 200831 January 2008.

    • 433

      The sponsor must ensure that it has considered all information that is material to its decision on the application. The Exchange may require the sponsor to undertake additional due diligence.

    • 434

      Notice of a refusal of, or delay to, an admission will be given to the sponsor and copied to the listing applicant.

    • 435

      A listing applicant will be admitted according to the terms issued together with the registration notice issued by the Exchange.

      Amended on 31 January 200831 January 2008.