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  • 5 Securities Account

    • 5.1 Direct Securities Account

      The Depository shall open and maintain a direct Securities Account for an individual or corporation which holds the Deposited Securities beneficially for his or its own account. The Depository shall deem and treat the Account Holder as absolute owner of the Deposited Securities and shall not be bound or compelled in any way to recognize the interest of any other person in respect of the Deposited Securities or any part thereof, even when having notice thereof. Such interest includes, without limitation, any beneficial or equitable interests these persons may have in the Deposited Securities.

    • 5.2 Limit on Number of Direct Securities Accounts

      Each Depositor (other than a Depository Agent) shall not have more than one direct Securities Account, held in his own name, with the Depository.

    • 5.3 Statements

      The Depository shall send to the Depositor:

      5.3.1 at the end of a period not exceeding six (6) months, a statement showing the number of book-entry securities held in his Securities Account at the date of the statement, except that, if there are no security balances in his Securities Account, no statement will be sent;
      5.3.2 after the end of each month, a statement of transactions effected in his Securities Account for the month, except that if there have been no transactions in that month, no such statement will be sent.
    • 5.4 Notification of Errors

      The Depositor shall notify the Depository of any error/discrepancy in the statement of account balances or statement of transactions within such time specified by the Depository.

    • 5.5 No Security Interest

      The Deposited Securities held in a Securities Account shall be held by the Depository in trust for the relevant Depositor. The Depository shall not mortgage, charge, hypothecate, pledge or deposit as collateral the Deposited Securities, unless otherwise provided by these CDP Rules.