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  • Part II General Requirements

    • 202

      An issuer may apply for admission to the Official List of the SGX Mainboard. The listing may be a primary or a secondary listing. The Exchange has absolute discretion concerning the admission of an issuer to the Exchange's Official List (and its removal) and quotation of its equity securities (and their suspension). The Exchange may approve applications for listing unconditionally or subject to condition(s), or may reject applications for listing, as it thinks appropriate. The Exchange also reserves the right to vary any such condition(s) or impose additional conditions.

      Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.

    • 203

      An issuer seeking listing for its equity securities must be a going concern or be the successor of a going concern. In reviewing a listing application, the Exchange will consider a number of factors, including the specific numerical standards and qualitative factors set out in this Manual. While the size of an issuer is important, greater emphasis is placed on factors such as the integrity of the management and controlling shareholders, an issuer's market position and relative stability, and the disclosure provided in the prospectus, offering memorandum or introductory document.

    • 204

      Additional guidelines for the listing of property investment and property development companies are set out in Part VI of this Chapter. Requirements for the listing of global depository receipts are also set out in Part XI of this Chapter.

      Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011.

    • 205

      Issuers, other than investment companies, whose assets consist wholly or substantially of cash or short-dated securities will not normally be admitted to the Official List.

    • 206

      Partly-paid shares may be admitted to listing provided at least one month's notice in advance of the amount and time of payment of each call is given to shareholders. The Exchange may impose restrictions on the dealings in such shares until they are fully paid.

    • 207

      An issuer should not have, as part of its name, words that tend to confuse or are misleading.

    • 208

      The Exchange may prescribe additional or other requirements for the listing of specific types of issuers not specifically addressed by this Chapter.

    • Continuing Listing Obligations

      • 209

        While an issuer remains on the Official List of SGX Mainboard, it must comply with the listing rules. If the issuer has a secondary listing on SGX Mainboard, it must comply with Rule 217.

        Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.