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  • Public Subscription Tranche

    • 233

      Where an invitation involves a public subscription tranche, the following rules apply to allocation and allotment of securities in this tranche:—

      (1) The basis of allocation and allotment to investors must be fair and equitable.
      (2) The balloting procedures must be clearly spelt out and strictly adhered to. Unsuccessful applicants must be notified, and the application money must be returned, within 24 hours of the balloting.
      (3) In respect of applications which have been balloted but subsequently rejected, the reasons for rejection must be clearly stated.
      (4) In respect of applications which have been partially successful, the balance of the application money must be refunded in the shortest possible time.

      Amended on 2 May 20172 May 2017.

    • 233A

      (1) The issuer shall ensure that a minimum of 5% of the number, or S$50 million in value, of the securities offered for subscription or sale, whichever is lower, is allocated to the public subscription tranche.
      (2) Where the subscription or sale of securities in the public subscription tranche do not meet the relevant threshold prescribed in Rule 233A(1) at the close of the offering of securities for subscription or sale, the issuer may reallocate the securities that are not subscribed or sold from the public subscription tranche to the placement tranche.

      Added on 2 May 20172 May 2017.