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  • 5.8 Monthly Returns

    • 5.8.1

      Each Clearing Member must make and keep as a record formal computations of its capital and financial requirements pursuant to:—

      (1) in the case of a General Clearing Member, Rules 5.1, 5.1A, 5.1B, 5.1C, 5.1D, 5.1E, 5.1F, 5.1G, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7; or
      (2) in the case of a Bank Clearing Member, Rules 5.1, 5.1B, 5.1D, 5.1F, and 5.4,

      as of the close of business each month, or in the case of capital adequacy report of Bank Clearing Members, quarterly. The computations must be in such form as CDP may prescribe and submitted to CDP within fourteen (14) calendar days after the end of each month, or such time frame as CDP may prescribe.

      Amended on 1 July 20081 July 2008 and 29 December 201429 December 2014 and 22 April 201922 April 2019.

    • 5.8.2

      Where the Clearing Member fails to submit the statements required in Rule 5.8.1 within the prescribed time, there shall be imposed upon the Clearing Member a late fee of $100 for each day that the statements are not submitted in the prescribed time, unless an extension of time has been granted.

    • 5.8.3

      Requests for extension of time shall be submitted to CDP at least 3 Market Days prior to the due date for submission of the statements.

    • 5.8.4

      The Clearing Member shall be required to resubmit the statements and documents prescribed under Rule 5.8.1 and take such other steps as CDP may require upon CDP's notification that the statements and documents are inaccurate or incomplete.