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  • 7.1 Establishment of Clearing Fund

    • 7.1.1

      CDP shall establish and maintain a fund to be called the Clearing Fund.

    • 7.1.2

      The assets of the Clearing Fund shall be vested in CDP but shall be segregated from CDP's other property and shall be held by CDP on trust for the purposes set out in these Clearing Rules.

    • 7.1.3

      The Clearing Fund shall comprise:—

      (1) Contributions by Clearing Members;
      (2) CDP Contribution (as defined in Rule 7.4.1);
      (3) moneys paid by an insurer under a contract of insurance (if any) entered into by CDP under Rule 7.5; and
      (4) any other contributions to the Clearing Fund.

      Amended on 3 May 20113 May 2011