Appendix 2 — Contracts of Other Relevant Markets Accepted by the Clearing House

Past version: Effective from 28 Mar 2016 to 18 Sep 2016

Subject to any conditions or limitations set forth in this Rules, the Clearing House shall clear the following Contracts:

1. Designated Futures Contracts pursuant to the Mutual Offset System with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange:
a. SGX Three (3) Month Eurodollar Futures Contract
b. SGX Three (3) Month Euroyen Futures Contract
c. SGX Nikkei Average Stock Index Futures Contract
d. USD SGX Nikkei Average Stock Index Futures Contract
e. SGX Nifty 50 Index Futures Contract

Added on 1 October 20091 October 2009 and amended on 22 April 201022 April 2010, 19 July 201019 July 2010, 5 August 20115 August 2011 and 28 March 201628 March 2016.