Past version: Effective up to 24 Feb 2011

For any Settlement Day, the Net Inter-Broker Settlement Balance shall:

(1) be further set-off against any net amount owing by CDP to the Clearing Member or any net amount owing to CDP by the Clearing Member for Exchange Trades cleared and settled through CDP under DVP Settlement pursuant to the DVP Rules; and
(2) not include the amount owing by CDP to the Clearing Member in respect of every security which is not available in accordance with Rule 6.5.2A and which the Clearing Member has not delivered.

The resultant net amount (the "Final Settlement Balance") shall be payable to CDP by, or payable by CDP to, the Clearing Member on any Settlement Day. The Final Settlement Balance shall be notified to the Clearing Member by on-line transmission (the "On-Line Transmission") to the Clearing Member's terminal by 3.00 p.m. on each Settlement Day.

Amended on 20 November 200920 November 2009.