Past version: Effective up to 18 May 2014

To be eligible for admission as a Trading Member, an applicant must:—

(1) be a Corporation carrying on business in Singapore;
(2) be qualified by a Clearing Member (unless it is admitted as a Clearing Member);
(3) satisfy the capital and financial requirements SGX-ST prescribes;
(4) unless exempt under the Securities and Futures Act or the Securities and Futures Regulations, hold a capital markets services licence to engage in the relevant regulated activities, including where appropriate, trading in futures contracts;
(5) upon admission, appoint at least 1 Approved Executive Director who has been approved by the Authority as an Executive Director in accordance with the Securities and Futures Act; and
(6) have facilities and staff adequate for expeditious and orderly trading, operations and activities.

Amended on 3 April 20083 April 2008.