(1) Upon the conclusion of investigations, the Exchange may provide an offer of composition to an issuer if the Exchange is of the opinion that the issuer has contravened a Relevant Rule. The terms of the offer of composition include payment of a specified sum to the Exchange and may include the fulfillment of any accompanying terms that the Exchange may prescribe.
(2) Where the Exchange provides an offer of composition to an issuer, the written offer shall contain the following details:
(a) the particulars of the issuer;
(b) the Relevant Rule which allegedly has been contravened;
(c) the brief facts giving rise to the alleged contravention;
(d) the composition sum and the accompanying terms;
(e) the manner by which the issuer is to respond to the offer; and
(f) the date by which the issuer is to respond to the offer.
(3) Where there is more than 1 contravention by an issuer, the offer under Rule 1411(1) may be an amalgamated offer which deals with 2 or more similar contraventions. An amalgamated offer shall include all material information required under Rule 1411(2).
(4) An offer under Rule 1411(1) may deal with 1 or more contraventions. Where a written offer under Rule 1411(1) deals with more than 1 contravention, the Exchange may choose to:
(a) proceed on selected contraventions; and
(b) take into consideration the remaining contraventions.
(5) Upon receipt of the written offer, the issuer shall by a specified date which shall be no less than 7 business days from the date of the offer, provide to the Exchange:
(a) a written acceptance of the offer;
(b) a written rejection of the offer; or
(c) a written request for the Exchange to review its offer.
(6) Upon receipt of a written request under Rule 1411(5)(c), the Exchange shall respond within 14 business days.
(7) The Exchange may withdraw or vary a written offer made under Rule 1411 at any time before receipt of an acceptance to the offer, by providing written notice to the issuer.

Added on 7 October 20157 October 2015.