18.7.3 Undertaking to be Obtained

(1) Upon the approval of the customer's Options trading account, a Trading Member shall obtain from the customer a written undertaking, agreement and acknowledgement that:—
(a) all Options transactions shall be subject to the Rules and Directives of SGX-ST and the Regulations;
(b) the customer will not violate, either alone or in concert with others, the individual position limits established pursuant to this Rule;
(c) the customer has received the documents furnished in accordance with Rule 18.7.4 and has read and understood the contents thereof and is aware of the special risks involved in the trading of Options as outlined therein;
(d) if at any time the customer should exceed the individual position limits prescribed by SGX-ST, his outstanding Options positions in excess of the individual position limit shall be liable to be closed out by the Trading Member and any losses, charges and expenses arising from the closing of his Options positions shall be charged to his account; and
(e) the customer shall at all times promptly furnish, maintain and top-up such deposits and margins as shall be required by the Trading Member from time to time in respect of the short positions in his Options trading account.
(2) The OCC may from time to time make such changes and/or prescribe additional items to be included in the said written undertaking, agreement and acknowledgement as it may deem necessary for the efficient functioning of the Options Market.