2.13.3 Registration of Registered Representatives

Every Registered Representative shall be required to register with the Exchange before he acts or holds himself out as a sales representative of the respective Member. A Registered Representative shall not act or hold himself out as having the authority to execute trades on the Markets, unless he is registered as an Approved Trader with the Exchange as contemplated under this Rules. Upon being registered as a Registered Representative with the Exchange, a Registered Representative may, in the name of such Member:

(a) subject to Rule 2.1.4, solicit Customers, solicit or accept orders from Customers, and give advice to Customers for the purchase or sale of contracts; and
(b) in connection with the purchase or sale of contracts provide feedback on market sentiment or market conditions, quote prices, and provide confirmation to Customers regarding orders which have been executed.

Amended on 29 November 201029 November 2010 and 1 April 20141 April 2014.