If a Trading Member intends to resign, it must:

(a) give SGX-ST at least 30 days' written notice, stating the proposed date of resignation. SGX-ST may vary or waive the notice period. If the resignation is accepted, SGX-ST will notify all Trading Members of the effective date of resignation;
(b) not enter into any contract seven Market Days from the date of notice except with the written approval of SGX-ST;
(c) satisfy SGX-ST that it has taken, or will take, steps for the orderly winding down of its business with SGX-ST; and
(d) satisfy SGX-ST that it has fulfilled or is able to fulfil:
(i) its obligations to SGX-ST; and
(ii) its obligations to all its customers as SGX-ST may specify.

Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.