The following applies to a review by the Exchange, its appointed persons and the special auditor.

(1) The sponsor must provide reasonable assistance, including:
(a) allowing access to all information, books and records which, in the Exchange's opinion, may be relevant to the review;
(b) allowing access to its premises;
(c) requiring its directors, officers, registered professionals, employees and agents to provide reasonable assistance;
(d) attendance at the Exchange or at such other venue the Exchange requires;
(e) ensuring that neither the sponsor nor any director, officer, registered professional, employee or agent wilfully makes or furnishes, or permits the making or furnishing, of any false or misleading information, statement or report to the Exchange; and
(f) immediately correcting any information, statement or report to the Exchange when it becomes aware that such information, statement or report is false or misleading.
(2) The Exchange may give a copy of its review report to the sponsor, but is not obliged to do so.
(3) The Exchange may charge a fee for the review, which must be paid immediately by the sponsor.