4.6.13 Trading Representatives

A Trading Member must:—

(1) register with SGX-ST persons who deal in securities or trade in futures contracts as Trading Representatives (unless exempted by SGX-ST);
(2) where it engages a Remisier, enter into a written agency agreement with that Remisier. The agreement must address the following:—
(a) the amount of commission payable to the Remisier;
(b) the amount of security deposit to be given by the Remisier to the Trading Member;
(c) responsibility for any losses or liabilities as a result of any acts or omissions of the Remisier; and
(d) charges that may be levied by the Trading Member on its Remisier;
(3) inform SGX-ST in writing at least 7 days before a dealer converts to a Remisier or vice versa. SGX-ST may vary or waive the notice period; and
(4) [Deleted.]
(5) [Deleted.]
(6) inform SGX-ST in writing no later than the day on which the Trading Representative ceases to act. If the cessation is with immediate effect, the Trading Member must inform SGX-ST in writing the same day.

Amended on 3 April 20083 April 2008, 29 November 201029 November 2010 and 8 October 20188 October 2018.