4.6.8 Change in Control

(1) A Trading Member must inform SGX-ST in writing as soon as it becomes aware of:—
(a) any transaction that will result in a change in the legal or beneficial ownership of 20% or more of the Trading Member's issued share capital, and any subsequent increase of 5% or more of the Trading Member's issued share capital; or
(b) any change that may have the effect of altering control of the Trading Member.
(2) If control of a Trading Member changes, SGX-ST may restrict or revoke the Trading Member's trading rights on any grounds described in Rules 4.2.4(2) to (6), (8) to (10) and (13).
(3) If SGX-ST revokes the Trading Member's trading rights, the Trading Member may, within 14 days after it is notified of SGX-ST's decision, appeal in writing to the SGX RegCo Board whose decision will be final.

Amended on 15 September 201715 September 2017.