In relation to the investment fund, state the following:—

(1) The name of the investment fund;
(2) The date and place of incorporation or formation;
(3) The name and address of the principal registered office, auditors, administration agent and each office at which a share register is kept;
(4) The full title or designation, amount, class and par value of the shares applied for listing and whether fully paid;
(5) The date of application;
(6) The names, addresses, experience and directorship of directors of the investment fund (in the case of a unit trust, the management company);
(7) Brief description of its history and formation;
(8) Brief description of its constitution;
(9) Details of its shareholders;
(10) A statement of any costs of establishing the investment fund which are to be paid by the investment fund, together with an estimate of the size and the period over which the costs are to be amortised;
(11) Details of the distribution policy and the approximate dates on which distributions will be made. Also, a statement that dividends will only be paid to the extent that they are covered by income received from underlying investments and by share of profits of associated companies which are received by the investment fund and are available for distribution;
(12) Details of the principal taxes levied on the investment fund's income and capital (including taxes withheld at source on distributions received by the investment fund) and taxes deducted on distributions to shareholders (if any);
(13) A summary of the borrowing powers of the investment fund, if any, stating that at no time will it exceed a certain amount and stating the circumstances under which borrowings might take place;
(14) Particulars on what reports will be sent to registered shareholders and when they will be sent; and
(15) A warning that an investment in the investment fund is subject to abnormal risks, if the nature of the investment policy so dictates.