In relation to the investment manager, investment adviser, administration agent and custodian, state the following:—

(1) The names, addresses and share capital;
(2) Dates and places of incorporation;
(3) Brief description of their history and formation;
(4) A description of the relevant experience of the investment manager and investment adviser and their directors and principal officers;
(5) Terms and duration of their appointments and basis of their remuneration;
(6) A statement that the custodian, investment manager, any of their connected persons and any director of the investment fund and investment manager are prohibited from voting their own shares at, or being part of a quorum for, any meeting to approve any matter which it has a material interest in the business to be conducted; and
(7) A statement as to whether or not the investment manager or any of the directors of the investment fund or any of their associates is or will become entitled to receive any part of any brokerage charged to the fund, or any part of any fees, allowances, benefits, etc received on purchases charged to the investment fund.