(1) Subject to Rule 816(2), a rights issue must provide for the rights to subscribe for securities to be renounceable in part or in whole in favour of a third party at the option of the entitled shareholders.
(a) An issuer can undertake non-renounceable rights issues:—
(i) subject to specific shareholders' approval; or
(ii) in reliance on the general mandate to issue rights shares in a non-renounceable rights issue if the rights shares are priced at not more than 10% discount to the weighted average price for trades done on the Exchange for the full market day on which the rights issue is announced. If trading in the issuer's shares is not available for a full market day, the weighted average price must be based on the trades done on the preceding market day up to the time the rights issue is announced.
(b) The non-renounceable rights issue must comply with Part V of Chapter 8 except Rule 816(1).

Amended on 1 January 20111 January 2011.