Appendix 8.4.4 Application for Listing and Quotation of Securities to be Issued Pursuant to a Scrip Dividend Scheme — Primary/Secondary* Listing

Cross-referenced from Part IX of Chapter 8

Name of Issuer: ____________________________________________________________

No. of ordinary shares to be listed: _______________________________________________

Shares issued in respect of dividend announced on : __________________________________

Ranking of shares: ____________________________________________________________
(if they do not rank pari passu, confirm that the new certificates have been endorsed accordingly, and provide a specimen copy of the endorsed certificate to the Exchange)

For issuers with a primary listing on SGX

Issue Price: __________________________________________________________________

The shares are issued pursuant to (tick one as appropriate):—

Specific shareholder approval obtained for the adoption of the Scrip Dividend Scheme on [Date of general meeting]; OR

Specific annual shareholder approval obtained for the issue of shares pursuant to the Scrip Dividend Scheme on [Date of general meeting] under Section 161 of the Act; OR

Shareholder approval obtained for the share issue mandate obtained pursuant to Listing Rule 806 on [Date of general meeting].

(a) No. of shares at the time of mandate obtained
(b) 20% of (a) [non-pro rata limit applicable under Rule 806]
(c) Less: No. of shares previously issued under the mandate
(d) Less: No. of shares to be issued for this dividend declared
(e) No. of shares available under the mandate (b) – [(c)+(d)]

The Board of Directors confirms that:—

(a) The Scrip Dividend Scheme is in force and it complies with the Exchange's listing requirements; and
(b) The issue price above has been determined in accordance with the Exchange's listing rules; and
(c) Where the shares are issued under the share issue mandate, the general share issue mandate obtained pursuant to Listing Rule 806 mentioned above is valid, available and sufficient for the issue of shares for this dividend declaration.


(1) A copy of the Return of Allotment (if any) filed with the relevant authority for the issue of the shares;
(2) Confirmation of despatch of Share / Stock Certificates;
(3) Cheque for additional listing fee;
(4) Letter of approval from the Home Exchange granting listing and quotation to the new shares


(a) Enclosures (1) and (2) are applicable for primary listings only
(b) Enclosure (4) is applicable for secondary listings only
(c) Form must be submitted to CDP by 12 noon, 2 market days before listing date

Name: ____________________________________
Authorised Signature: ________________________

Designation: _______________________________
Date: _____________________________________

Added on 29 September 201129 September 2011.