Practice Note 3.4.8 — Good Faith Bids and Offers

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1. Introduction

1.1 This Practice Note sets out a situation where the Exchange may not consider a bid or offer to be in good faith.

2. Good Faith Bids and Offers

2.1 If the Exchange suspects that a bid or offer entered by a Member or Approved Trader is not in good faith for the purpose of executing bona fide transactions, the Member or the Approved Trader would have to satisfy the Exchange otherwise.
2.2 The following is one (1) of the situations where a price may not be considered as in good faith for the purpose of executing bona fide transactions:
Market is at 2505 bid and 2507 offer. The Approved Trader enters a 2506 bid and withdraws it within a short span of time with the intention to trigger stop orders or to give a false impression of the market.

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