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  • 1.12 Effective Date for New Rules and Transitional Arrangements

    • 1.12.1 Effective Date

      This Rules shall take effect on the Effective Date.

    • 1.12.2 Transitional Arrangements

      The Exchange may, from time to time, publish transitional arrangements in relation to this Rules.

    • 1.12.3 Floor Rules

      The floor trading rules in the Old Rules shall continue to apply to the extent that floor trading is still available for discrete Contracts on the Effective Date. With respect to generic, non-floor specific rules, in the event of a conflict between this Rules and the Old Rules, this Rules shall prevail. "Old Rules" refers to the collection of rules applicable to the Markets and commonly referred to as the "DT Rules" that were in force before this Rules came into effect.

    • 1.12.4 Survival of Accrued Rights and Obligations

      The rescission of the Old Rules shall not impair, modify or discontinue the status, operation or effect of any act or omission under the Old Rules.