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  • 2.12 Fees, Levies and Charges

    • 2.12.1 Imposition of Fees and Notification of Changes to Fees

      The Exchange may, from time to time, impose fees, levies and charges to be paid by Members on such terms as the Exchange may prescribe. The Exchange shall give notice of any changes to fees, levies and charges by means of a Circular or by posting a schedule of fees, levies and charges on the Exchange's website.

    • 2.12.2 Late Interest

      A Member which fails to pay any fees, levies or charges within thirty (30) days of such fees, levies or charges becoming payable shall be notified in writing by the Exchange of such arrears ("Arrears Notice"). Late interest charges at the prevailing interest rate may be imposed by the Exchange on late payments by Members.

    • 2.12.3 Suspension of Rights

      If the arrears are not paid by the Member within ten (10) days of the date of dispatch of an Arrears Notice, the Exchange may suspend Membership rights until all monies for the time being owed by it to the Exchange, together with any other sums that shall accrue due and payable by it and remain unpaid during the period of suspension, have been paid.