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  • Part IV Sponsors and Issuers' Directors

    • 109

      A listing applicant shall appoint a full sponsor in order to be eligible for listing on Catalist.

    • 110

      An issuer shall retain a sponsor at all times and seek advice from its sponsor regarding compliance with the Rules wherever appropriate, giving due consideration to such advice.

    • 111

      An issuer shall ensure that its directors accept responsibility, collectively and individually, for the issuer's compliance with the Rules.

    • 112

      Directors and proposed directors of an applicant (following admission, the issuer) are responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted to the Exchange. Generally, the Exchange expects information to be submitted through the sponsor. The sponsor shall exercise due care and diligence in respect of all information that is submitted through it. The Exchange must be kept informed of all matters which should be brought to its attention.