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  • Part VI Liability of SGX-ST

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      When the Exchange publishes or releases an issuer's announcement on its behalf, the Exchange shall not be responsible to check the accuracy of the facts or any of the contents of such announcement, and shall not be liable for any damages or losses however arising as a result of publishing the announcement or disseminating the information in the announcement. The issuer shall indemnify the Exchange for any such losses or damages or costs, including any arising as a result of legal proceedings brought by any third party.

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      Neither the Exchange nor any servant or agent of the Exchange, nor any member of the advisory panel, Disciplinary Committee or Appeals Committee is liable to any sponsor applicant or sponsor (including any director, officer, registered professional, employee or agent of the sponsor) for performing its functions under the Rules. This limitation of liability extends to any actions whether in contract or tort or otherwise, and applies even in the purported performance of a function in good faith.