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  • Part II General Requirements

    • 402

      (1) A listing applicant applying for admission to Catalist and quotation of its securities must do so through a full sponsor. The listing must be a primary listing.
      (2) The Exchange will normally admit a listing applicant to Catalist on receipt of conforming documents from the sponsor. However, the Exchange may, in its absolute discretion, impose conditions on an admission or delay or refuse an admission.
      (3) The Exchange reserves the right to vary any condition(s) imposed.
    • 403

      Additional guidelines for the listing of property development companies are set out in Part VII of this Chapter.

    • 404

      A listing applicant should not have, as part of its name, words that tend to confuse or are misleading.

    • 405

      While an issuer remains on the Official List, it must comply with the Rules.