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  • Part XI Share Buy-Back

    • Shareholder Approval

      • 866

        An issuer may purchase its own shares ("share buy-back") if it has obtained the prior specific approval of shareholders in general meeting.

      • 867

        A share buy-back may only be made by way of:

        (1) on-market purchases transacted through the Exchange's trading system or on another stock exchange on which the issuer's equity securities are listed ("market acquisition"); or
        (2) off-market acquisition in accordance with an equal access scheme as defined in Section 76C of the Companies Act.

        Unless a lower limit is prescribed under the issuer's law of incorporation, such share buy-back shall not exceed 10 per cent of the total number of issued shares excluding treasury shares and subsidiary holdings as at the date of the resolution passed by shareholders for the share buy-back.

        Amended on 1 October 20131 October 2013, 31 March 201731 March 2017.

      • 868

        For the purpose of obtaining shareholder approval, the issuer must provide at least the following information to shareholders:

        (1) The information required under the Companies Act;
        (2) The reasons for the proposed share buy-back;
        (3) The consequences, if any, of share purchases by the issuer that will arise under the Takeover Code or other applicable takeover rules;
        (4) Whether the share buy-back, if made, could affect the listing of the issuer's equity securities on the Exchange; and
        (5) Details of any share buy-back made by the issuer in the previous 12 months (whether market acquisitions or off-market acquisitions in accordance with an equal access scheme), giving the total number of shares purchased, the purchase price per share or the highest and lowest prices paid for the purchases, where relevant, and the total consideration paid for the purchases.
        (6) Whether the shares purchased by the issuer will be cancelled or kept as treasury shares.
    • Dealing Restriction

      • 869

        An issuer may only purchase shares by way of a market acquisition at a price which is not more than 5% above the average closing market price. For this purpose, the average closing market price is:

        (1) the average of the closing market prices of the shares over the last 5 market days, on which transactions in the share were recorded, before the day on which the purchases are made; and
        (2) deemed to be adjusted for any corporate action that occurs during the relevant 5-day period and the day on which the purchases are made.

        Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.

    • Off-market Acquisition On An Equal Access Scheme

      • 870

        An issuer making an off-market acquisition in accordance with an equal access scheme must issue an offer document to all shareholders containing at least the following information:

        (1) Terms and conditions of the offer;
        (2) Period and procedures for acceptances; and
        (3) Information in Rule 868 (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6).

        Amended on 29 September 201129 September 2011.

    • Announcement of Share Buy-Back

      • 871

        (1) An issuer must announce any share buy-back as follows:
        (a) In the case of a market acquisition, by 9.00 am on the market day following the day on which it purchased shares,
        (b) In the case of an off market acquisition under an equal access scheme, by 9.00 am on the second market day after the close of acceptances of the offer.
        (2) The announcement must be in the form of Appendix 8D.

        Refer to Appendix 8D — Daily Share Buy-back Notice.