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  • Part IV Delisting

    • 1305

      (1) The Exchange may remove an issuer from its Official List (without the agreement of the issuer) if:
      (a) the issuer is unable or unwilling to comply with, or contravenes, a listing rule;
      (b) in the opinion of the Exchange, it is necessary or expedient in the interest of maintaining a fair, orderly and transparent market;
      (c) the issuer does not have a sponsor for more than 3 continuous months;
      (d) in the opinion of the Exchange, it is appropriate to do so; or
      (e) the issuer has no listed securities.
      (2) If the Exchange exercises its power to remove an issuer from the Official List, the issuer or its controlling shareholder(s) must, subject to Rule 1309, comply with the requirements of Rule 1308.

      Amended on 11 July 201911 July 2019.

    • 1306

      A sponsor must contact the Exchange if it forms the opinion that an issuer it sponsors should be removed from the Official List.

    • 1307

      The Exchange may agree to an application by an issuer to delist from the Exchange if:

      (1) the issuer convenes a general meeting to obtain shareholder approval for the delisting; and
      (2) the resolution to delist the issuer has been approved by a majority of at least 75% of the issuer's total number of issued shares excluding treasury shares and subsidiary holdings held by the shareholders present and voting, on a poll, either in person or by proxy at the meeting. The Offeror Concert Party Group must abstain from voting on the resolution.

      Amended on 31 March 201731 March 2017 and 11 July 201911 July 2019.

    • 1308

      If an issuer is seeking to delist from the Exchange:

      (1) an exit offer must be made to the issuer's shareholders and holders of any other classes of listed securities to be delisted. The exit offer must:
      (a) be fair and reasonable; and
      (b) include a cash alternative as the default alternative; and
      (2) the issuer must appoint an independent financial adviser to advise on the exit offer and the independent financial adviser must opine that the exit offer is fair and reasonable.

      Amended on 11 July 201911 July 2019.

    • 1309

      (1) Rules 1307 and 1308 do not apply to a delisting pursuant to:

      (a) a voluntary liquidation; or
      (b) an offer under the Takeover Code provided that the offeror is exercising its right of compulsory acquisition.

      (2) Rule 1307 does not apply to a delisting pursuant to a scheme of arrangement.

      Amended on 11 July 201911 July 2019.