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  • 7A.07 Default of the Clearing House

    • 7A.07.1

      A non-defaulting Clearing Member may exercise its rights under Rule 7A.07 if the Clearing House:

      a. fails to make a payment to a non-defaulting Clearing Member for a period of 30 days from the date the obligation to pay under a Contract fell due; or
      b. commences a procedure seeking or proposing liquidation on the ground of its inability to pay its debts, receivership, judicial management, or a scheme of arrangement involving a compromise with its creditors or any class thereof, or other similar relief with respect to itself or to its debts under any bankruptcy, insolvency, regulatory, supervisory or similar law, or if any of the foregoing cases or procedures is commenced in relation to the Clearing House by any other person which results in liquidation or winding up of the Clearing House on the ground of its inability to pay its debts, or if the Clearing House takes corporate action to authorise any of the foregoing, in any such case other than for the purposes of corporate restructuring (including any consolidation, amalgamation or merger).

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.

    • 7A.07.2

      While any of the circumstances set out in Rule 7A.07.1 continue, the nondefaulting Clearing Member may, at any time by notice in writing to the Clearing House, specify a date (the "Termination Date") for the termination and liquidation of all Contracts to which it is a party in accordance with Rule 7A.07.4 below.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.

    • 7A.07.3

      In the event a Clearing Member exercises its rights under Rule 7A.07.2, the Clearing House may, in its absolute discretion and by notice in writing, take any steps necessary to terminate any related Contract or close out any related positions held with any other Clearing Member, notwithstanding that such Clearing Member is not in default of any of its obligations.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.

    • 7A.07.4

      Upon the specification of a Termination Date:

      a. all obligations of the Clearing House and the Clearing Member in respect of any Contract between them shall cease to exist from the Termination Date, provided that such termination shall have no effect upon the rights and obligations under such Contract, which rights and obligations shall survive such termination, and any obligations to make further payments or deliveries which would otherwise have fallen due shall be satisfied by settlement (whether by payment, set-off or otherwise) of the Termination Amount;
      b. the Clearing House shall (on, or as soon as reasonably practicable after, the Termination Date) determine the Clearing Member's total loss or total gain (as the case may be) in respect of each Contract, in each case expressed in Singapore Dollars (the "Base Currency");
      c. the Clearing House shall treat each gain to the Clearing Member as a positive amount and each loss by that Clearing Member as a negative amount and shall, in accordance with Rule 7A.07.4, aggregate all of such amounts to produce a single, net positive or negative amount, denominated in the Base Currency (the "Termination Amount"); and
      d. where a Clearing Member has one or more House Accounts and Customer Accounts:
      (i) the Clearing House shall determine net amounts under Rule 7A.07.4 (c) as follows: one net amount for each Applicable Customer Account; one net amount for all Customer Accounts that are not Applicable Customer Accounts; one net amount for all Affiliate Accounts; and one net amount for all other accounts; and
      (ii) the net amounts determined under Rule 7A.07.4(d)(i) each shall constitute Termination Amounts.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012 and amended on 2 May 20162 May 2016.

    • 7A.07.5

      If a Termination Amount determined pursuant to Rule 7A.07.4 above is a positive amount, the Clearing House shall pay it to the Clearing Member and if any such Termination Amount is a negative amount, the Clearing Member shall pay it to the Clearing House, in either case in accordance with Rule 7A.07.6. The Clearing House shall notify the Clearing Member of each such Termination Amount, and by which party it is payable, as soon as practicable after the calculation thereof.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.

    • 7A.07.6

      A Termination Amount shall be paid in the Base Currency by the close of business on the business day following notification pursuant to Rule 7A.07.5 above.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.

    • 7A.07.7

      For the purposes of any calculation required to be made under this Rule 7A.07, the Clearing House may convert amounts denominated in any other currency into the Base Currency at such rate prevailing at the time of the calculation as it shall reasonably select.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.

    • 7A.07.8

      The rights of the Clearing House and the Clearing Members under this Rule 7A.07. shall be in addition to, and not in limitation or exclusion of, any other rights which the Clearing House or the Clearing Member may have.

      Added on 7 August 20127 August 2012.