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  • 6A.5 Clearing Member to Deposit Margins with CDP

    • 6A.5.1A

      If CDP is of the opinion that it is unable to inform Clearing Members, at the prescribed time, of the margins that they are required to deposit with CDP, CDP shall inform Clearing Members accordingly. CDP shall provide adequate time for Clearing Members to deposit such margins.

      Added on 21 January 201321 January 2013.

    • 6A.5.4

      A Clearing Member shall not deposit with or provide to CDP, monies and assets of its customer for the purpose of meeting Clearing Member Required Margins for Novated Contracts other than Marginable Futures Contracts. For the purpose of this Rule 6A.5.4, "customer" means a Customer, except where such Customer is:

      (1) a director, officer, employee or representative of the Clearing Member; and
      (2) a related corporation of the Clearing Member with respect to accepted instructions to deal for an account belonging to, and maintained wholly for the benefit of the related corporation.

      Added on 21 January 201321 January 2013.