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  • Issue Requirements

    • 320

      The issuer shall comply with the following:

      (1) The issue of debt securities must have a minimum principal amount of at least S$150 million (or its equivalent in foreign currencies) in the initial issuance to specified investors;
      (2) The debt securities issued shall be seasoned debentures as defined in the Securities and Futures (Offers of Investments) (Exemption for Offers of Post-Seasoning Debentures) Regulations 2016;
      (3) The offer documents issued to specified investors shall be announced via SGXNET; and
      (4) The offer documents referred to in Rule 320(3) and the Product Highlights Sheet shall be announced via SGXNET immediately upon receiving the Exchange's confirmation or approval-in principle, as the case may be, in the circumstances under Rule 319(2) and Rule 319(3). Updated or supplemental offer documents must be issued to reflect material changes relating to the issuer or the terms of the debt securities.

      Added on 19 May 201619 May 2016.