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  • Disclosure Obligations

    • 322

      (1) The issuer must state in bold on the front cover of the offer documents issued to specified investors, its intent to make the debt securities available for trading on the Exchange by non-specified investors.
      (2) The issuer must disclose in the offer documents that:
      (a) the debt securities cannot be sold to non-specified investors before the end of the seasoning period;
      (b) the issuer may offer additional debt securities to non-specified investors through one or more re-taps and the aggregate principal amount of the offers through such re-taps will not exceed such amount specified in the Securities and Futures (Offers of Investments) (Exemption for Offers of Post-Seasoning Debentures) Regulations 2016;
      (c) the issuer undertakes to immediately disclose information which may have a material effect on the price or value of its debt securities or on an investor's decision whether to trade in such debt securities; and
      (d) the issuer complies with the eligibility criteria in Rule 318.

      Added on 19 May 201619 May 2016.