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  • 4.11 Outsourcing Conditions

    • 4.11.1

      A Trading Member that outsources any of its operations must:

      (a) comply with any guidelines or requirements on outsourcing as prescribed by the Relevant Regulatory Authority. A Remote Trading Member shall immediately inform SGX-ST of any changes to such requirements and comply with such additional requirements as SGX-ST may prescribe;
      (b) have in place adequate audit trails of the activities performed by the service provider;
      (c) ensure that the service provider provides SGX-ST with any information, including records of the work done by the service provider and any other records maintained by the service provider, that SGX-ST requests within SGX-ST's prescribed timeline;
      (d) ensure that the service provider provides SGX-ST access to all relevant records and systems and that SGX-ST is able to perform on-site inspections of the outsourced operations in the same way as if the outsourced operations were residing in the Trading Member and without any costs to SGX-ST;
      (e) inform SGX promptly of any disciplinary actions taken against the service provider, or any issues raised by internal or external auditors or any authority that regulates the service provider pertaining to the activities outsourced to the service provider; and
      (f) ensure that the internal audit requirements prescribed by SGX-ST are also complied with in relation to the outsourced operations.

      Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.

    • 4.11.2

      If activities that a Trading Member would ordinarily have carried out during SGX operative hours are outsourced, the Trading Member must ensure that the service provider is operative whenever SGX-ST is open for trading.

      Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.