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  • 4.21 Remisiers Working in Teams

    • 4.21.1

      A Trading Member may allow the Remisiers that it appoints as Trading Representatives to work in teams where Remisiers in the same team may enter orders for one another's customers.

      Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.

    • 4.21.2

      A Trading Member must:

      (a) maintain a list of Remisiers working in teams, according to the teams they work in;
      (b) establish in writing the terms and conditions of each team arrangement with its Remisiers. The terms and conditions must include:
      (i) how possible disputes amongst Remisiers working in teams are to be resolved; and
      (ii) that Remisiers working in a team shall be jointly and severally liable for losses incurred by customers serviced by the team where such losses are not recovered;
      (c) ensure that Remisiers working in teams will not compromise their compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations; and
      (d) monitor team operations to ensure there is no overtrading, and that irregularities do not occur.

      Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.

    • 4.21.3

      Trading Members must keep customers informed of the team arrangements, and give customers the option not to be serviced by Remisiers working in teams. Trading Members should also keep their customers informed of any changes to team compositions.

      Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.

    • 4.21.4

      If a customer's order is passed along a chain of Remisiers in a team, each Remisier must record from and to whom he receives and transmits the order, and the time of such receipt and transmission.

      Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.