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  • Part XII Business Trust

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      (1) An application for the listing of a business trust must comply with Chapter 2 and the following rules of Chapter 4 of the Listing Manual with necessary adaptations:
      (a) Rule 404(1);
      (b) Rule 404(2);
      (c) Rule 404(4);
      (d) Rule 404(6);
      (e) Rules 404(8)(c) and 404(8)(d);
      (f) Rule 405;
      (g) Rule 407(1);
      (h) Rule 407(2);
      (i) Rule 407(3);
      (j) Rule 407(4) except where it relates to the financial track record of the investment manager and investment adviser;
      (k) Rule 409; and
      (l) Rule 410.
      (2) On a continuing listing basis, the business trust is required to comply with all listing rules applicable to equity securities, with necessary adaptations. Rule 748 is applicable to the business trust except Rules 748(1) and 748(3). However, the business trust must comply with the disclosure requirements under the Business Trusts Act (Chapter 31A) of Singapore and the Business Trusts Regulations.

      Added on 7 February 20207 February 2020.