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The following sets out the usual steps in the additional listing process (other than for rights issues):

(a) The issuer makes the appropriate announcement;
(b) The sponsor submits an additional listing confirmation required in Part I of Appendix 8B to the Exchange;
(c) The issuer obtains shareholder approval (if required);
(d) The issuer announces receipt of the listing and quotation notice from the Exchange;
(e) The issuer fixes the books closure and entitlement dates (if applicable) and the sponsor informs the Exchange;
(f) The issuer allots and issues the securities;
(g) The sponsor submits the confirmation required in Part II of Appendix 8B to the Exchange; and
(h) The securities are admitted to Catalist.
Where applicable, an offer information statement must be lodged under section 277(1)(b) of the SFA with the Exchange acting as agent of the Authority. The written consents provided by experts, issue managers and underwriters under sections 277(5) and 277(6) of the SFA, must be lodged with the Exchange (acting as agent of the Authority) at the same time as the lodgement of the offer information statement.

Refer to Appendix 8B — Confirmation for Corporate Actions / Additional Listing.
(2) Where shares are issued pursuant to the exercise or conversion of convertible securities for which listing and quotation notice has been received from the Exchange, the issuer need not follow the procedures set out in Rule 864(1). The listing of such securities must comply with the following procedures:
(a) The issuer issues and allots the shares;
(b) The sponsor submits a notification in accordance with Appendix 8C to the Exchange;
(c) The Exchange informs the sponsor of the listing of the shares;
(d) The securities are admitted to Catalist.

Refer to Appendix 8C — Notification for Listing of Securities Arising from Exercise of Company Warrants / Convertible Preference Shares / Convertible Loan Stocks / Bonds / Options Exercised under an Employees' Share Option Scheme.

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