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An offer information statement lodged under section 277(1)(b) of the SFA with the Exchange acting as agent of the Authority, must meet the following requirements:

(1) It must comply with applicable law and, in particular, Parts II to X of the Sixteenth Schedule, Securities and Futures (Offers of Investments) (Shares and Debentures) Regulations 2005 ("Sixteenth Schedule"), where a reference to the "Authority" shall mean a reference to the Exchange.
(2) It must include on the front cover the following:
(a) the date of lodgement of the offer information statement,
(b) the name of the entity in respect of which the securities are being offered, its place of incorporation or constitution, the date of incorporation or constitution and the name of its sponsor,
(c) the following statements:
(i) This document is important. If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you should consult your legal, financial, tax, or other professional adviser(s).
(ii) The securities offered are issued by an entity whose shares are listed for quotation on Catalist.
(iii) An application has been made for permission for the securities to be listed for quotation on Catalist.
(iv) Companies listed on Catalist may carry higher investment risk when compared with larger or more established companies listed on the SGX Main Board. In particular, companies may list on Catalist without a track record of profitability and there is no assurance that there will be a liquid market in the securities traded on Catalist. A prospective investor should be aware of the risks of investing in such companies and should make the decision to invest only after careful consideration and, if appropriate, consultation with an independent financial adviser.
(v) This offer is made in or accompanied by an offer information statement that has been lodged with the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("the Exchange") acting as agent on behalf of the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("the Authority").
(vi) Neither the Authority nor the Exchange has examined or approved the contents of this document. Neither the Authority nor the Exchange assumes any responsibility for the contents of this document, including the correctness of any of the statements or opinions made or reports contained in this document. Neither the Authority nor the Exchange has in any way considered the merits of the securities being offered for investment.
(vii) The lodgement of this offer information statement with the Exchange does not imply that the SFA, or any other legal or regulatory requirements, or requirements in the Exchange's listing rules, have been complied with.
(viii) Acceptance of applications will be conditional upon issue of the securities and upon listing of the issued securities of the issuer. Monies paid in respect of any application accepted will be returned if the listing of the securities does not proceed.
(ix) After the expiration of 6 months from the date of lodgement of this offer information statement, no person shall make an offer of securities, or allot, issue or sell any securities, on the basis of this offer information statement; and no officer or equivalent person or promoter of the entity or proposed entity will authorise or permit the offer of any securities or the allotment, issue or sale of any securities, on the basis of this offer information statement.
(3) If the sponsor acts as issue manager to the offer of securities, the sponsor must also be named as issue manager in the offer information statement.
(4) The Exchange may waive the application of any requirement in the Rules relating to the form or content of an offer information statement to any person or any offer information statement, subject to conditions or restrictions as may be imposed by the Exchange.

Refer to Practice Note 4B — General Requirements for Lodgement or Submission of Documents.

Amended on 31 January 200831 January 2008.