1018 Cash Companies

(1) If the assets of an issuer consist wholly or substantially of cash or short-dated securities, its securities will normally be suspended. The suspension will remain in force until the issuer has a business which is able to satisfy the Exchange's requirements for a new listing, and all relevant information has been announced. Upon completion of the disposal of its operations and/or assets, the issuer must:—
(a) Place 90% of its cash and short-dated securities (including existing cash balance and the consideration arising from the disposal(s) undertaken by the issuer) in an account opened with and operated by an escrow agent which is part of any financial institution licensed and approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The amount that is placed in the escrow account cannot be drawn down until the completion of the acquisition of a business which is able to satisfy the Exchange's requirements for a new listing, except for payment of expenses incurred in a reverse takeover approved by shareholders and pro-rata distributions to shareholders; and
(b) Provide monthly valuation of its assets and utilization of cash, and quarterly updates of milestones in obtaining a new business to the market via SGXNET.
Taking the above compliance into account, the Exchange may allow continued trading in a cash company's securities on a case-by-case basis, subject to:—
(c) Contractual undertakings from the issuer's directors, controlling shareholders, chief executive officer and their associates to observe a moratorium on the transfer or disposal of all their interests, direct and indirect, in the securities of the issuer; and
(d) The period of the moratorium must commence from the date shareholders approve the disposal of business, up to and including the completion date of the acquisition of a business which is able to satisfy the Exchange's requirements for a new listing.
(2) The Exchange will proceed to remove an issuer from the Official List if it is unable to meet the requirements for a new listing within 12 months from the time it becomes a cash company. The issuer may apply to the Exchange for a maximum 6-month extension to the 12-month period if it has already signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of a new business, of which the acquisition must be completed in the 6-month extension period. The extension is subject to the issuer providing information to investors on its progress in meeting key milestones in the transaction. In the event the issuer is unable to meet its milestones or complete the relevant acquisition despite the time extension granted, no further extension will be granted and the issuer will be removed from the Official List and a cash exit offer in accordance with Rule 1309 should be made to the issuers' shareholders within 6 months.

Amended on 7 October 20157 October 2015.