Disclosure of information by SGX-ST is authorised use or disclosure if it:

(a) is approved by the Authority and is to any governmental agency or regulatory authority (in or out of Singapore) that requests that SGX-ST provide the information for the proper exercise of powers relating to:
(i) the governance of Registered Persons; or
(ii) trading of securities and futures contracts (in or out of Singapore);
(b) is required under any law (in or out of Singapore) or any order of any court or regulatory authority (each in or out of Singapore);
(c) is publicly available at the time of disclosure to or by SGX-ST;
(d) is in connection with the discharge of its regulatory obligations under the Securities and Futures Act or when compelled under applicable laws to do so or pursuant to any cross-border regulatory sharing arrangement subject to its obligation to maintain confidentiality under the Securities and Futures Act;
(e) is in relation to the enforcement of the Rules or adjudication of a matter;
(f) is to any of SGX-ST's related corporations;
(g) is authorised by the Authority to be disclosed or furnished under the Securities and Futures Act; or
(h) constitutes authorised use or disclosure of information at common law.

Added on 3 June 20193 June 2019.