(1) The Exchange may at any time grant a trading halt to enable the issuer to disclose material information or suspend trading of the listed securities of an issuer at the request of the issuer. The Exchange is not required to act on the request.
(2) The Exchange will, in normal circumstances, act on a request for trading halt or suspension if made by the issuer (and not the sponsor).
(3) If the sponsor forms the opinion that the issuer's securities should be put into a trading halt or suspended, it must advise the issuer accordingly. It must also immediately inform the Exchange. Where there is a difference in opinion between the sponsor and the issuer, the Exchange will take into account both the sponsor's and the issuer's views when acting on such requests.
(4) The trading halt cannot exceed 3 market days or such short extension as the Exchange agrees.
(5) A trading halt may be changed to a suspension by the Exchange at any time.

Refer to Practice Note 13A — Procedures for Trading Halt and Suspension.