(1) The Exchange will publish a date from which all existing issuers must comply with the Catalist Rules ("Transition Date"). At least 12 months' notice will be given.
(2) The Exchange may impose conditions.
(3) An existing issuer must meet the following requirements by the Transition Date:
(a) Complete and submit Appendix 14A with the Exchange.
(b) Comply with any conditions the Exchange imposes.
(c) Announce its intention to the market giving no less than 1 month's notice. The announcement must include:
(i) the name of its sponsor; and
(ii) the date from which it will comply with the Catalist Rules as agreed with the Exchange.
(d) Send a copy of the announcement to each shareholder on the register at the date of the announcement.
(4) Existing issuers on Catalist must continue to comply with the Former Sesdaq Rules until the requirements in Rule 1403(3) have been met.

Refer to Appendix 14A — Existing Issuer's Undertaking.