(1) Upon the conclusion of investigations, the Exchange may initiate disciplinary proceeding against a Relevant Person if the Exchange is of the opinion that the Relevant Person has contravened a Relevant Rule.
(2) Where the Exchange initiates disciplinary proceeding against a Relevant Person, the Exchange shall provide to the Relevant Person and the Disciplinary Committee, a charge which contains the following details:
(a) the particulars of the Relevant Person;
(b) the Relevant Rule which has been contravened;
(c) the brief facts giving rise to the alleged contravention; and
(d) where applicable, a summary of the outcomes of enforcement or disciplinary proceedings taken against other Relevant Persons related to that matter.
(3) Where there is more than 1 charge to be preferred against a Relevant Person, the Exchange may prefer an amalgamated charge which deals with 2 or more similar contraventions. An amalgamated charge shall include all material information required under Rule 1414(2).
(4) The Exchange may prefer 1 or more charges. Where a Relevant Person faces more than 1 charge, the Exchange may:
(a) proceed on all charges at a single hearing;
(b) choose to first proceed on only selected charges ("proceeded charges") and proceed with the remaining charges only after the conclusion of the proceeded charges ("stood down charges"); or
(c) choose to proceed on only proceeded charges, but apply to have the remaining charges be taken into consideration as part of the sanctions to be imposed on the Relevant Person ("TIC charges").

Added on 7 October 20157 October 2015.