(1) Upon receipt of the charge, the chairman shall determine all pre-hearing administrative issues under Rule 1403(6) and may issue relevant directions to parties to facilitate the convening of a hearing.
(2) Upon the resolution of all pre-hearing administrative matters under Rule 1403(6), the chairman shall provide a notice of hearing which includes the following details:
(a) the identity of the members of the Disciplinary Committee who will be present at the hearing;
(b) the dates and locations of the hearing;
(c) the time parties will be allocated during the hearing;
(d) the procedural rules to be complied with at the hearing;
(e) the disputed issues to be dealt with at the hearing (where necessary);
(f) the witnesses to be called at the hearing (where necessary); and
(g) the exhibits which may be relied upon at the hearing (where necessary).
(3) Upon the issuance of the notice of hearing under Rule 1415(2), parties shall inform the Disciplinary Committee within 14 business days of the following:
(a) whether there is any objection to the matters stated in the notice; and
(b) whether the party wishes to attend the hearing, and if so, the particulars of the persons who would be attending the hearing.
(4) Where a party does not respond to a relevant direction issued under Rule 1415(1), the party is deemed to have no objection to the relevant direction, and the Disciplinary Committee may proceed as it deems fit.
(5) Where a party does not indicate that the party is intending to attend the hearing, the party is deemed to have no intention of attending the hearing and the hearing can proceed in the absence of that party.
(6) Where objections are raised in relation to any pre-hearing issues, the chairman shall determine the issue and inform the parties accordingly. The chairman's determination of a pre-hearing issue shall be final.

Added on 7 October 20157 October 2015.