A Clearing Member who:

a. reports, or clears on behalf of a customer who reports, to a swap data repository under Part 45 of the CFTC Regulations; or
b. is, or clears on behalf of a customer who is, a U.S. person as construed by the CFTC,
shall as soon as technologically practicable after registration of a Non-Relevant Market Transaction or an OTCF Transaction for clearing with the Clearing House:
1. report all primary economic terms data of the relevant transaction, as defined in CFTC Regulation 45.1, to the Clearing House; and
2. inform the Clearing House of the identity of the swap data repository that the relevant transaction was previously reported to, if any.

Added on 31 December 201331 December 2013 and amended on 1 May 20141 May 2014.