An applicant may consult the Exchange to resolve specific issues prior to the submission of an application. Unless the Exchange prescribes otherwise, the following sets out the usual main steps in the listing process:—

(1) The applicant submits (to the Listings Function) one copy of the listing application prepared in compliance with Rules 245 and 246;
(2) The Exchange considers whether the application satisfies the listing requirements and will decide whether to issue an eligibility-to-list letter (with or without conditions). Listing will not be permitted until all conditions set out in the eligibility-to-list letter have been satisfied;
(3) Where a prospectus or offering memorandum is required to be issued, the applicant lodges the prospectus or offering memorandum with the relevant authority (if applicable) and submits a copy to the Exchange. The lodged copy of the prospectus should not be materially different from the prospectus or offering memorandum on which the eligibility-to-list letter was issued. The applicant must submit a written confirmation to the Exchange to this effect. If there are material differences, the Exchange may withdraw the eligibility-to-list letter;
(4) The Exchange will inform the applicant of any further information (additional to what is prescribed) that is required to be disclosed prior to commencement of trading. The applicant decides whether to include this information in its prospectus or offering memorandum, or to make pre-quotation disclosure through an announcement to the Exchange. Pre-quotation disclosure must be made not later than the market day before trading commences. Preferably, it should be made before the launch of the offer;
(5) If the listing entails an offer of securities to the public, the applicant invites applications to subscribe for or purchase the securities. After the offer closes, the applicant announces the outcome of the offer, and where appropriate, the level of subscription and the basis of allocation and allotment, and the subscription rate reflecting the true level of demand for the offer. In computing the subscription rate, subscriptions by connected persons and the persons mentioned in Rule 240 must be excluded;
(6) On satisfaction of the conditions expressed in the eligibility-to-list letter, the issuer is admitted to the Official List at the discretion of the Exchange. Trading of its listed securities commences on a date determined by the Exchange either on a deferred settlement basis or ready basis or such other basis as the Exchange may approve.