As soon as practicable on or before the closing date of the offering, or after the issue of the prospectus, offering memorandum or introductory document, the following documents must be submitted:—

(1) The following details in respect of any moratorium shares;
(a) Name of registered shareholder (and name of beneficial shareholder if different);
(b) Share Certificate number and number of shares represented; and
(c) Endorsement on share certificate.
(2) Statement confirming that the securities to be listed are eligible for deposit with CDP.
(3) Basis for allocation and allotment of any reserved securities.
(4) Confirmation by the issue manager that any allocation and allotment of securities pursuant to a placement has been made in compliance with Rule 232. The Exchange may require a list of the placees to be submitted.

Amended on 7 February 20207 February 2020.