2.5 Applicant's Agreement

An applicant whose application to become a Depository Agent has been approved by the Depository shall:

2.5.1 abide by and be bound by the Depository Agent Terms as amended from time to time;
2.5.2 pay to the Depository fees and charges, as reviewed from time to time, for providing operations, facilities and services, based on the Depository's fee schedule and any charges as may be set out for any failure to comply with the Depository Agent Terms;
2.5.3 furnish to the Depository upon request all such information in respect of operations, facilities and services provided to it as may be required by the Depository which information shall be in the form certified by external auditors of the Depository Agent, or certified by a senior officer of the Depository Agent or by a person acceptable to the Depository, and verified by the external auditors of the Depository Agent. The Depository's right to be furnished with information under this provision shall extend to information relating to operations, facilities and services provided by the Depository under the Depository Agent Terms and the discharge of the Depository Agent's obligations thereunder, but shall not include information concerning its Sub-Account Holders unless disclosure of such information is required under the circumstances described in Rule 6.3; and
2.5.4 comply with any other conditions that the Depository may from time to time prescribe for Depository Agents (whether generally or specific to any person).