CDP may, in its discretion, suspend the settlement of or cancel all or any of a Settlement Participant's Settlement Instructions and/or suspend or restrict the Settlement Participant's participation in settlement if:

(a) the Settlement Participant fails to comply with or is, in the opinion of CDP, in breach of any provision of these Rules or of any agreement, understanding or arrangement which the Settlement Participant has from time to time with CDP;
(b) the Settlement Participant ceases to be, or is suspended in its capacity as, a Clearing Member or Depository Agent;
(c) the Settlement Participant breaches any term, condition or restriction imposed by CDP pursuant to its powers under these Rules;
(d) the Settlement Participant is wound-up;
(e) the Settlement Participant is, in CDP's opinion, in financial or operating difficulty, including but not limited to not meeting cash calls or settlement requirements, being insolvent or being put in judicial management or administration;
(f) the Settlement Participant is, in CDP's opinion, conducting its activities in a manner detrimental to the financial integrity, reputation or interests of CDP, or clearing or settlement facilities established or operated by CDP;
(g) the Settlement Participant is, in CDP's opinion based on the Authority's guidelines on fit and proper criteria, no longer fit and proper to continue participating in settlement;
(h) it is necessary or desirable in the interests of ensuring a safe and efficient settlement facility, or for ensuring the integrity of the market or for proper management of systemic risk, or for investor protection, or it is directed by any authority; or
(i) an Event of Default as set out under the CDP Clearing Rules has occurred in respect of the Settlement Participant who is also a Clearing Member.

Added on 10 December 201810 December 2018.