After the issuer receives approval in-principle from the Exchange, the following documents must be submitted before the listing of the debt securities:—

(1) The signed listing undertaking in the form set out in Appendix 2.3.1;
(2) The signed issue documents, such as the subscription agreement, agent bank agreement and fiscal agency agreement and trust deed (as applicable);
(3) The required number of copies of the prospectus, offering memorandum or introductory document;
(4) A local debt issuer must also submit the following documents:—
(a) A copy of the "tombstone" advertisement, if one was published;
(b) A signed copy of the auditors' letter on the accounts in a form acceptable to the Exchange, where an accountants' report is prepared for the purpose of the issue; and
(c) A certified copy of any relevant resolution(s) of the shareholders and a copy of any letters of approval from the Government, if applicable;
(5) In the case of a foreign debt issuer, the names and addresses of its representatives, with whom the Exchange may liaise in respect of future correspondence regarding the debt securities. The representatives must be easily contactable by the Exchange; and
(6) Such other documents (if any) as stipulated in the approval in-principle letter.