(1) The chairman shall determine the manner by which a hearing is to be conducted, having due regard to the notice of hearing issued under Rule 315(2).
(2) No member of the Disciplinary Committee shall participate in a hearing if he has a conflict of interest.
(3) Where the Disciplinary Committee is of the opinion that the charge is defective, the Disciplinary Committee may invite the Exchange to amend the charge, or directly amend the charge.
(4) The Exchange may withdraw charges at any time before the decision of the Disciplinary Committee by providing the Disciplinary Committee and the Relevant Person a notice of discontinuance in relation to the withdrawn charges.
(5) Where the Exchange has preferred more than 1 charge and has applied for the charges to be TIC charges under Rule 314(4)(c), the Disciplinary Committee shall determine from the Relevant Person if there is any objection to the application.
(6) The Exchange and the Relevant Person may be represented by legal counsel at the hearings.
(7) The secretariat of the Disciplinary Committee must be informed in writing of the name of the legal counsel at least 14 business days before the hearing.

Added on 7 October 20157 October 2015.